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Buy Antminer S19 Pro


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Antminer S19 Pro: The Ultimate Mining Rig for Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Antminer S19 Pro, the ultimate mining rig for Bitcoin enthusiasts. In this guide, we will provide an in-depth overview of the Antminer S19 Pro, its features, specifications, and performance metrics. We will also discuss how the Antminer S19 Pro stacks up against its competitors in the mining industry, and why it is the best choice for serious Bitcoin miners.

Introduction to the Antminer S19 Pro

The Antminer S19 Pro is a high-end mining rig developed by Bitmain, the leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware. It was released in May 2020, and quickly became a popular choice among Bitcoin miners due to its exceptional performance and efficiency. The Antminer S19 Pro is powered by Bitmain’s custom-designed ASIC chips, which are optimized for Bitcoin mining and deliver the highest hash rates in the industry.

Features and Specifications

The Antminer S19 Pro boasts a number of impressive features and specifications, including:

  • Hash rate: 110 TH/s (Terahashes per second)
  • Power consumption: 3250 W
  • Efficiency: 29.5 J/TH (Joules per terahash)
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 195.5mm x 290mm
  • Weight: 15.5 kg
  • Cooling: 4 x 14038 fans
  • Noise level: 75dB

The Antminer S19 Pro is equipped with the latest ASIC chips, which are based on 7nm semiconductor technology. This allows the Antminer S19 Pro to achieve an impressive hash rate of 110 TH/s, making it one of the most powerful mining rigs available today. Additionally, the Antminer S19 Pro is designed for maximum efficiency, with a power consumption of just 3250 W and an efficiency rating of 29.5 J/TH.

Performance Metrics

In addition to its impressive features and specifications, the Antminer S19 Pro also delivers outstanding performance metrics. According to Bitmain’s official website, the Antminer S19 Pro can generate a daily profit of $25.20 when mining Bitcoin at a hash rate of 110 TH/s, assuming a cost of $0.12 per kWh. This makes the Antminer S19 Pro one of the most profitable mining rigs on the market, with a return on investment (ROI) period of just 205 days.

Competitive Advantage

The Antminer S19 Pro has several competitive advantages that make it the best choice for serious Bitcoin miners. First and foremost, its exceptional hash rate and efficiency allow miners to generate higher profits compared to other mining rigs. Additionally, the Antminer S19 Pro is designed to operate under extreme conditions, with a cooling system that can withstand temperatures of up to 40°C. This means that the Antminer S19 Pro can operate in hotter environments without suffering from performance degradation.


In conclusion, the Antminer S19 Pro is the ultimate mining rig for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Its exceptional features, specifications, and performance metrics make it the best choice for serious Bitcoin miners who want to maximize their profits. If you are looking for a high-end mining rig that can deliver the highest hash rates and efficiency ratings in the industry, the Antminer S19 Pro is the perfect choice for you.


ModelAntminer S19 Pro (110Th)
ReleaseMay 2020
Size195 x 290 x 370mm
Noise level75db
Temperature5 – 40 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %

About this item

Buy Antminer S19 Pro

  • This is New Asic Miner Machine Bitmain Antminer S19Apro 110th btc bitcoin Mining includes psu, Most powerful antminer machine now. We have both s19A pro 110th and s19pro 110th, they are all 3250w and 110th. S19a is s19 upgrade model,will send what we have.
  • We Will charge 40% restock fee if return the antminer s19A Pro 110th/s within 30 days, so please make a serious consideration before purchase
  • Bitmain Antminer S19A pro 110t is the most powerful bch bitcoin miner Machine, much better than Antminer S19jpro 104th/s, Antminer s19, Antminer S17, Antminer T19, Antminer s9, and Antminer s17pro
  • Antminer s19A pro 110th Crypto Miners Power consumption is 3250w, 29.5w per th, it is the most save energy btc miner, do not include power cords
  • Please kindly note that the required input voltage for Bitmain Antminer S19A pro 110TH/s is 220V. Wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damaged, do not include power cords

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