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Advantages Of Using Bitcoin For Deposits

Cryptocurrencies have impacted almost every single industry and sector throughout the world.

Right from their humble beginnings, serving as an effective alternative for cash payments, the power of these currencies, especially bitcoin, has propelled their reach to several business models today.

Bitcoin is already being used as an effective payment method at many online casinos and sports betting portals, including many of the well-known Vegas sports betting services, and offers a different yet popular means for consumers to engage with online bookmakers these days.

Bitcoin’s extensive usage in the sports betting industry can be largely attributed to its security, ease of usage and speed. Let’s now tell you about some more prominent advantages of using bitcoin for online sports betting.

Quicker deposits and Withdrawals
A major advantage of placing sports bets with bitcoins is the speed at which you can deposit and withdraw money to and from the online bookmaker.

Once you have bitcoin in your wallet, making any deposit to your online sports book account is much faster compared to conventional deposit methods. Withdrawals are equally swift.

Rather than having to wait for several days and sometimes even weeks for the money to arrive in your account, bitcoin transactions are processed in a matter of few minutes. On the whole, bitcoin transactions are almost always faster compared to the conventional payment and withdrawal methods.

Making deposits at online sports books using conventional payment methods and/or currencies is becoming harder and harder today. However, bitcoin always works and is therefore emerging as the preferred payment method for punters everywhere.

How many times have you faced failed or declined transactions while trying to deposit money into your online sports betting account? Bitcoin does away with third party payment processors and puts you in direct charge of your deposits and withdrawals.

Attractive Bonuses
Bonuses are amongst the top reasons why people choose to bet with online bookmakers nowadays. By opting for such online services you get a much better worth for every dollar that you bet with.

These bonuses can be of different types, for instance, deposit match bonuses, referral bonuses, signup bonuses etc. It’s always better to go with sports books that offer specific bonuses for bitcoin deposits.

Higher Betting Limits
Majority of online sports books provide a considerably higher betting limit to punters that choose to transact with bitcoin. Seasoned bettors wanting to avail such higher limits, in order to scale up their bets can benefit tremendously by switching to bitcoin.

Protection From Fluctuations In Currency Values
As bitcoin deposits are automatically and instantly converted into the corresponding US dollar amount (at that moment) on the online sports book’s portal, there is less exposure to bitcoin’s price volatility. It’s common for bitcoin’s price to fluctuate aggressively even in shorter time periods.

However, when you are making deposits at online sports books using bitcoin, the corresponding US the amount is instantly credited into your account and such conversion doesn’t happen at the time of placing bets. The bitcoin withdrawals also happen instantly.
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